Electric Farm Vehicle

November 3, 2016 at 8:20 am
gdyatian farm Electric Vehicle

GDYATIAN Electric Car

My new electric farm vehicle picture in front of two of our friendly alpacas.  They were about to spit at each other, they seem to enjoy doing that.  Thankfully they dont seem to see any need to spit at us!

Well Ive had a chance now to test out the vehicle.  Its great for what we need it for.

We unpacked the thing from its shipping container a week ago – that was a challenge. It came in a sturdy metal frame of angle iron, wrapped in far too much plastic, and was very well packed in with double glazed windows.  Another few centimetres and it would not have fitted. It was a close call!

After unpacking the charger, I saw it was 72V, definitely not compatible with a 48V vehicle. There was a nameplate on the side (in Chinese) which was unreadable because of its location hard up against the side of the container.  We couldn’t get a good look without first getting the car out, which took a considerable amount of effort.  Turns out they swapped the car for a 72V model and didn’t think to tell me. I guess 72V is better than 48V so I’m surprised but not unhappy.

The charger is very noisy with two fans that make a racket.  The shed is 100m away from the house so it doesnt matter being noisy.  The shed is where our PV system is so we avoid losses by charging it there.  It came with a rollover-frame I havent attached yet which might be a good place to mount a panel or two, however the thing doesnt have a smooth ride, so a glass panel might not survive.  I probably should have got turf tires instead of the clunky ones they supplied, the car vibrates at low speed.

Batteries are 8 by 9V lead-acid all nicely mounted low under the centre of the vehicle and easy to get to when the tipup tray is in the up position.

If you want to see it up close – come to the expo Nov 26, 27
expo.naroomarotary.org.au    You can even buy an electric golf buggy off Mark!

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