Electric Farm Vehicle

November 3, 2016 at 8:20 am
gdyatian farm Electric Vehicle

GDYATIAN Electric Car

My new electric farm vehicle picture in front of two of our friendly alpacas.  They were about to spit at each other, they seem to enjoy doing that.  Thankfully they dont seem to see any need to spit at us!

Well Ive had a chance now to test out the vehicle.  Its great for what we need it for.

We unpacked the thing from its shipping container a week ago – that was a challenge. It came in a sturdy metal frame of angle iron, wrapped in far too much plastic, and was very well packed in with double glazed windows.  Another few centimetres and it would not have fitted. It was a close call!

After unpacking the charger, I saw it was 72V, definitely not compatible with a 48V vehicle. There was a nameplate on the side (in Chinese) which was unreadable because of its location hard up against the side of the container.  We couldn’t get a good look without first getting the car out, which took a considerable amount of effort.  Turns out they swapped the car for a 72V model and didn’t think to tell me. I guess 72V is better than 48V so I’m surprised but not unhappy.

The charger is very noisy with two fans that make a racket.  The shed is 100m away from the house so it doesnt matter being noisy.  The shed is where our PV system is so we avoid losses by charging it there.  It came with a rollover-frame I havent attached yet which might be a good place to mount a panel or two, however the thing doesnt have a smooth ride, so a glass panel might not survive.  I probably should have got turf tires instead of the clunky ones they supplied, the car vibrates at low speed.

Batteries are 8 by 9V lead-acid all nicely mounted low under the centre of the vehicle and easy to get to when the tipup tray is in the up position.

If you want to see it up close – come to the expo Nov 26, 27
expo.naroomarotary.org.au    You can even buy an electric golf buggy off Mark!

Come for the weekend, and visit Narooma – “how life should be




Self-contained Accommodation in Narooma

March 6, 2015 at 12:30 am

Come, stay and relax amongst the bellbirds. Each of our four cabins has a great view of the Wagonga Inlet at Narooma on the NSW South coast.

Only 5 mins drive to a choice of beaches, world class golf course, clubs, shops and restaurants .

Twenty-one acres of land is there for you to explore. Enjoy a swim in the outdoor pool which is open from November to February, or play tennis on our tennis court or table tennis in our recreation hall.

Our cabins feature:

  • Electronic main entrances to cabins 1-3.
  • Self catering kitchen with microwaves. Cabins 1-3 have induction cookers.
  • BBQ
  • Remote control reverse cycle air conditioning.
  • Remote control TV, video, CD, radio.
  • Front loading washing machines in cabins 1-3, top loader in cabin 4, drying facilities in units 1-3, clothesline at cabin 3 and 4. All bedding and linen provided in cabins 1-3.
  • Cabin 1 also has a ceiling hoist in one bedroom for people with a disability.
  • Cabins 1-3 have two bedrooms each and sleep up to 6, with cabin 4 having four bedrooms sleeping 12 (two bedrooms with 4 beds each, two bedrooms with 2 beds each).
  • Cabin 1 and 2 have en-suite bathrooms to each bedroom featuring hobless showers, 1/4 turn long handled taps, with fixed and hand held showers. Cabin 3 has one main bathroom with a bath. Cabin 4 has two accessible bathrooms and an additional toilet and sink.
  • All cabins have been built for accessibility, and there are no steps!
  • Ramps have a gentle slope of 1 in 20.
  • Recreation Hall

Our recreation hall is just great for functions like yoga, dancing, workshops or family get-togethers. Its a lovely spot to hang out on a rainy day. Its free to use when you stay with us.

Excellence in Accessibility

We are the proud finalist in the 2016 Eurobodalla Business Awards.

The Weather

Narooma has a very temperate climate and gets less rainfall than Sydney.

Boats and Fishing

Our waterfront is a part of Clark Bay Marine Sanctuary and the water is quite shallow. It is relatively easy to launch your own kayak or catamaran provided it is not low tide. Alternately, there is a public boat ramp just five km away. If launching a boat is your thing, talk to our neighbours at Black Bream Point – they also have accommodation and a boat ramp. Don’t forget that in NSW you must have a Recreational Fishing License, which you can get from any of the Tackle Shops in Narooma.

Getting There

We are just five hours south of Sydney, or three hours east of Canberra. Head South from Batemans Bay, 70 kms. Turn right just before the Narooma bridge. If travelling North, go over the bridge and turn sharp left. We are 4.6 km along Riverview Rd.  Or head on over to the Google Map page of our website.

Our Farm


Our Alpacas will eat from your hand if you offer them some Lucerne Hay, while our contented steers just love oranges – but watch out for the tongue!

Clark Bay is a marine sanctuary and is an important area for fish reproduction in the extensive beds of sea grass along our waterfront. The marine sanctuary is within a wider zone described as a Habitat Protection Zone which includes Montague Island. See a map of the Marine Park Zones. Just 30 metres from the cottages is remnant rainforest with bellbirds that sing all day long. Kookaburras, Rosellas, King Parrots and a wide range of birds fly in. Wallabies are a regular visitors and occasionally we get tortoises, echidnas, blue tongue lizards, and many other animals.

We have embarked on an extensive program to reduce our impact on the environment, including a ten kilowatt PV solar system and Solar Hot Water heaters on the main house and two of the cabins

We have rainwater harvesting to supply drinking water and the bathroom/showers, the water quality is excellent. Toilets and outside taps are fed from a different system supplied by groundwater, so drinking from outside taps is not advised.

Clark Bay Farm is under new management, the new owners – Frank & Iris are looking forward to meeting you.